Spotlight: Street Justice
May 29, 2009

Street Justice
In an era of hip-hop where groups are few and far between, Street Justice is a very welcome change to the game.  With a unique sound and lyrical flow backed by phenomenal production, it's no question why Street Justice took the listener vote for the favorite track of Episode #88 of the HoodHype show.

And on a personal note, now that voting is over, I can I've been bumpin' "High Life" at least once a day since they first submitted it for the show so it's no doubt that I'm gonna be coppin that "DJ DDT & Street Justice Go To White Castle" album they will be dropping soon.  Peep their winning track below and check out our interview with Street Justice on Episode #90. (Big shouts to

Street Justice ft. Nation - "High Life"

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Street Justice Website:

Street Justice Official Bio

Quality hip hop groups are becoming something of a rarity these days. Street Justice, comprised of Ketchphraze, Redd, Jypsy, and producer 4mulaOne, have brought fun, organization, and showmanship back to hip hop while continually working on their craft. In many ways, the group defines balance and chemistry: Ketchphraze (born Chrishaun Stanton) is the heart and self-appointed punch line king; Redd (born Clifford Johnson) is the brains and resident wordplay artist; Jypsy (born Julian Hearn) is the raw, skull-hatted and hoodie-wearing emcee. Add the calm personality of resident producer and scratcher 4mulaOne (born Mike Rogers) and you've a cross that falls somewhere between Jurassic 5 and Souls of Mischief.

The core of Street Justice formed in their hometown of Inkster, MI in 2003. Three of the four members have known each other for years. In fact, Ketchphraze, Redd, Jypsy are cousins. The group's lineup cemented when the trio met 4mulaOne at Alvin's in Detroit in 2006. Their first recording together was "Catch The Contact," a raw, gritty, lyrical representation of their versatility and hunger, which worked well for both the backpacker and thug. Since then they have received recognition for an uncanny musical prowess, backed by two mixtapes: *The Coffee House *(2006) and *History In The Making* (2007), both of which earned nominations for Mixtape of The Year at the Detroit Hip Hop Awards. Their latest project "Out 4 Just Us" has gotten over 10,000 downloads and was called one of the Top 15 Michigan albums of 2008. Their work ethic in and out of the studio has been off the charts. If they're not in the lab cranking out a hit, they're on stage rocking the crowd. Street Justice prides themselves on their stage presence. Their energy and chemistry alone has opened eyes to many promoters, calling them to open shows for such artists as Grammy Award nominated emcee, Nas, as well as Redman, Method Man, The Game, Little Brother, and Dilated Peoples, just to name a few.

Street Justice's projects are filled with jazzy, laid back, but grimy, boom bap soundscapes, and favor to the effortless back-and-forth rhyme styles crisp with articulation while full of hidden rhythms and infectious humanism. Street Justice is squarely on the correct side of the love versus commerce schism currently pervasive in hip hop. Reminiscent of fellow tru-schoolers like Madlib, Little Brother and of course J Dilla (but not derivative of any of them), Street Justice deserves to be known worldwide by all lovers of thoughtful, well-crafted rap music. Street Justice is currently working on a project with Detroit legend, DJ DDT, tentatively entitled "DJ DDT & Street Justice Go To White Castle".

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