ADVERTISEMENT just blew up!
April 1, 2010

Words cannot even begin to express how excited we are to announce this today.   Yesterday afternoon, we signed a major sponsorship agreement and put out a major press release  announcing that we have officially landed our first major sponsor that will not only be funding the show, but also investing money to give us access to industry proffessionals that will help us grow and mature our baby that was once called "The HoodHype Show."

Which brings us to the changes.  How does this affect you (the listener)?  Myself (JMack), Major and Phro will all continue to handle the show and host it.  Although the name of the show has changed, we will have to tone down the harsh language, pull back a bit on the on-show alcohol consumption and spin music that fairs a little more on the mainstream side, we'll still be in the house like normal, getting crazy, having contests and giveaways and taking calls and hanging out with all of you.  These are all good things! With this new funding, we can do things like open more phone lines, travel more, get more footage and check out more events! This means more content for you to enjoy!

So with this announcement we will be ending the chapter on the HoodHype Show and starting anew with our new baby the "Double-H Hits Show".  Make sure you tune in tonight and we will make the announcement official, fill you in on our new sponsor and much much more!

Check out uur full press release after the jump!


Mark Williams
Phone: 888-842-4973

Independent Podcast / Internet Radio Show takes pioneering leap into the mainstream

Detroit, MI — March 31, 2010 — After several years of supporting the underground and independent hip-hop scene, the Independent Hip-Hop Podcast/Internet broadcast The HoodHype Show is announcing that they have inked a deal with a major sponsor which has yet to be officially announced on an upcoming episode of the show.

"It's been a long time coming but it's definitely a welcome change that will not only help us grow the show but also expand our listenership" says Nate "Major" Clark who hosts each episode of the show. Co-Producer and Co-Host Jeremy "JMack" Mack says, "The fact that a company as large as this has taken and interest and has put their faith into what we are doing is an amazing feeling. I can't wait to see where we go from here".

According to "Major" and "JMack", they have also officially launched a new name and direction for the show, renamed "Double-H Hits". "With this new investment, we're taking this entire show in a new direction to not only maximize our audience and grow the show, but to show future investors that we are a worthwhile operation to invest in." stated "JMack". Agreeing with JMack, Major says, "We've fought the mainstream for years and really didn't realize until meeting with our new partners / sponsors that if we want to grow and make money at this, we really need to jump in that lane and go for it, rather than fight it"

The entire team of six who work on the newly renamed "Double-H Hits" show are elated by the news and are working hard to completely shift all of their branding and publicity initiatives to accomodate their new investors. "We've got alot of big things planned with this, although the language needs to a little less harsh *laughs* and we will only be spinning radio-friendly tracks, we don't aniticipate much of a change in the show." says Jim Kowalski a co-producer for the show. "It's really going to allow us to get alot more reach through advertising and possibly even syndication on FM Radio down the road which could be a huge thing for us."

The "Double-H Hits" show airs bi-montly live through Smoothbeats Radio, and on their website at On the show, the hosts, Major, JMack and Phro discuss everything from pop culture to society issues.

"Double-H Hits" (formerly the HoodHype Show) is the first hip-hop podcast show of it's kind to sign a deal this large and move ot the mainstream.  They credit all of their success to their loyal following of listeners on the podcast and Internet broadcasts.  All current and past shows are free and available to download at or through iTunes, Zune Marketplace or Last.Fm.

For information: or
Phone: 888-842-4973



*April fools.... lol*

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