Scarface talks VH-1, Next Album, and everything in between [Exclusive]
May 14, 2010

"De-segregate hip-hop bruh!" - Scarface

Last night as we were recording another episode of the HoodHype show, we ended up getting into the topic of VH1's hip-hop honors honoring the "dirty south" and Scarface's recent comments and verbally dressing down the entire event.  Little did we know, listeners were active as hell on twitter (especially the homie D, shouts to you!) getting at Face which spurred him to call in and address the topic right then and there.   Face broke it down gave us his feelings on the way VH1 and all the other "suits" in the industry continue to make a mockery of hip-hop music in the South.  Major didn't back down though, he covered damn near anything people were wondering about Face's feelings on the situation.

The interview didn't end on that topic though.  You know we had to ask him if he was working on any music, and he said he's currently working on a new album that would be a "mirror of The Fix" which he says will be titled The Habit, which as any Scarface fan knows, was a classic.  With that business out of the way, things really started to loosen up when the subject of Oprah came up which I can't touch, all I can say is you need to listen to it... "with all do respect, id make Oprah a woman." -Scarface.  After that we briefly touched on the topic of the show which was "payin for pum" which again, you just need to listen to below.

[audio:| Exclusive with Scarface]

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