Spotlight: Sean Falyon
May 13, 2010

With a sound unlike what you'd expect from A-Town, Sean Falyon may be new to alot of people, but the game has been familiar with Sean for quite some time now.  Working with everyone from the infamous Playboy Tre to Lloyd, Freddie Gibbs, the homies over at and BoneCrusher Sean Falyon's work ethic is most definitely reflected truthfully by the name of his most recent free album Sean Falyon Be Everywhere.

Sean Falyon's OFFICIAL BIO:

There are different ways to get your name out if you’re a rapper. Street credibility and natural talent to spit hot verses are a good foundation. Having producers who deliver heaters on a consistent basis is very necessary. Having a team in place to help bodes well, too. But, ultimately, it has been proven time and time again that artists have to pay their dues through the old-fashioned networking, focus and hustle.

Enter Sean Falyon, an Atlanta resident by way of Philly, who not just understands what it takes, but lives it. The emcee, whose deep, booming voice and beard can’t help but stand out from the facades of most rappers, doesn’t hold any punches with the title of his forthcoming debut album: “Sean Falyon BE Everywhere.” The album features a collaboration with R&B artist Lloyd and seamlessly combines Philly’s in-your-face rap style over bigger-than-life dirty south beats. Most of all, just like the title implies, it serves like a passport, where each track is like a stamp. It’s all about hustle and making moves, as far as Falyon is concerned: “I ain’t got no cloning machine, but I get where I need to go.”

Interestingly enough, Falyon didn’t set out to do music from the start. He first showed interest in rap as a career at 13 and the interest progressed through his high school years in West Philly but fizzled. “When I was in high school a lot of my homies was getting deals, but I saw they were broke, so I didn’t want to go that route,” Falyon says. Instead of pursuing music at the time, he opted to enroll at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania, located about half way between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. There, Falyon honed his visual art skills and started a customized t-shirt line. “My whole goal was to get the shirts on popular artists,” Falyon says of his scheme, now of course known as product placement.

The plan worked. Crunk was at its height at the time, propelling Atlanta-bred Ludacris, Lil Jon and Ciara to stardom. On the move from Philly to Atlanta, Falyon managed to outfit another up-and-coming Southern artist, Bonecrusher, with a t-shirt for a cameo in Ciara’s “Goodies” video. Falyon then relocated to Atlanta to capitalize on the promise of his t-shirt business, but would prove to be a gateway into something else.

During the course of getting clothes onto artist’s backs, Falyon often found himself in music studios. Being in that environment, particularly around Bonecrusher, soon led to Falyon rediscovering his passion for music. He began recording and impressed Bonecrusher enough to be invited to go tour Europe with him and even given his own set. That experience gave Falyon the confidence to pursue music all out. It’s still early in his development as an artist, but Falyon’s women-friendly “Inside Her” song and video caught on with mainstay of hip-hop blogs and more established critics.

Although Falyon has put out a mixtape hosted by DJ Wreckineyez, it’s the “Sean Falyon BE Everywhere” album that he hinges his music industry hopes on. “I want to put together a concentrated body of work,” Falyon says. With a quality batch of songs for the album completed, Falyon is maintaining with his usual regimen of networking, focus and hustle. Manifesting for all the movers-and-shakers out there is a must.

Sean Falyon “BE” Everywhere


TWITTER: @SeanFalyon

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