LIVE webcast tonight @ 7:30
August 19, 2010

The HoodHype Show will be LIVE via WEBCAST Tonight (Thursday, August 5th) at 7:30 PM Eastern!!

We're back and the stash box is stashed!  Of course we've got new music, ALLLL kinds of topics and a special guest tonight on the phone Big K.R.I.T.!  Get in the chat with your questions for K.R.I.T. and get in on the convo with us tonight. Grab a beer or your favorite drink, your computer, laptop, your smart phone, Playstation or whatever you can listen to the show on, and tune in tonight!
Here are just a few of tonight's show topics:

  • Interview with BIG K.R.I.T. at 8:30pm
  • Dr. Laura drops the N-Bomb several times on the air... is this an Imus situation?
  • Tila Teuqila & Method Man get all kinds of things thrown at them by Juggalos
  • 50 Cent prank calling Shyne: Desperate?
  • Caller Topic: Whats the worst Job you've ever had?
  • Wyclef running into problems getting his presidency
  • Jeezy vs. Officer Ricky now? SMH
  • What happened to the REAL good R&B Music?
  • Blend it or Bump it

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How do I listen to the show?

All Internet Users: Tune in simply by going to the front page of and you can chat and watch/listen LIVE!

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Lots going on! Tonight 8/5/10 at 7:30 PM Eastern! See you there!