Video: Black Milk’s Album Of The Year Show in Detroit
September 20, 2010

One of the best hip-hop shows I've seen all year and quite possibly the best hip-hop experience I've had my entire life.

In Episode #122 of the HoodHype show, Major and I had a bit of a conflict when the subject of live hip-hop shows came up.  My stance has always been that hip-hop acts just seem to generally lack that feeling you get listening to their albums.  They have always lacked any sort of real stage presence and the ability to completely captivate.  Let me validate my opinion here. I've seen a few shows.  Shows you'd expect to be crazy like Outkast, the Hard Knock Life Tour, Busta Rhymes, Kid Cudi, Jay-Z & Eminem etc etc etc.  And while they all were entertaining, they always seemed like they were missing a lot.  Overblown vocals, an emotionless, straight-faced DJ and a giant LED screen can only go so far, know what I mean?

I'll try not to get too overly "douchey" here, but last night, my opinion of hip-hop shows completely changed thanks to Black Milk.  Maybe it was the way he was interacting with the Will Sessions Band backing him,  maybe it was the insane Dilla, Proof, Baatin tribute he banged out on the MPC, maybe it was the fact that Hexmurda came out for a moment to bless the crowd with his highly anticipated return to the scene (complete with middle finger waving in the air).   Maybe it was just the music.

Whatever it was about that Album of the Year release show at St. Andrews Hall in Detroit, Michigan I can definitely say that not only has Black Milk created a personal Album of the Year for alot of people, but he quite easily knocked out what alot of us would consider to be underground hip-hop's show of the year as well.

No fancy stage electronics, no pyrotechnics, no huge crews on stage crowding MC's off,  no massive media attention, no stadium.  Just a $5 cover, one hell of an amazing show by a handful of incredibly talented musicians and underground hip-hop artists, and a hall completely full of people (with a line wrapped around the building) who simply love the music.

Above is just a small sampler of some of the footage I took the other night. I've got over three hours of footage to go through, so I promise I'll get it posted as the week presses on.