HoodHype Show: Episode #127
November 23, 2010

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We discussed racism against postal workers, Drake getting knuckled up by Weezy, a listener submitted Stash Box and we put Devin the Dude's latest album on the chopping block for Blend it or Bump it!

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In the Stash Box™: Hard Cider by Strongbow

  • exeter

    yea or nay?? ya’ll really aient much of a underground podcast anymore… just my opinion, hate it or not

  • What do you mean by that? Thing is we spin nothing but unsigned and independent artists. Always have and always will. Every now and then we will throw in a mainstream artist’s mixtape track…. but thats about it.

    What would you like to hear more of? What would you change? We’re always looking for constructive criticism. Thanks for your feedback Exeter!

  • Exeter

    what I’d like to hear… not sure really, hence why i come here to hear new stuff. i know a couple episodes back you guys mentioned that alot of the entries you were receiving were trash, and i definityly don’t expect ya’ll to play trash for the sake of playin unknown artist.

    maybe its the place the rap industry is in now, the term independent artist is so vauge now cause everyone and their granny got a label. either way, just some thoughts on the brain… ya’ll still got some random crazy convo’s…keep the shit up

  • Yo thank you! And thank you for your feedback fam! Always appreciate hearing what listeners have to say man, ALL feedback is welcome, ESPECIALLY constructive and/or negative.

    I hear you about the labels etc… .but heres what it boils down to, we love music period. And the mainstream labels love money.

    So the point is, mainstream doesnt care about integrity and what we all consider good music unless the general public demands it so they can sell records. Until then, they will just continue to put out shit music, with a few good songs here and there.

    All we want to do is shine light on underground, independent and up and coming artists because we feel like the music THEY are doing is untouched by the suits or not AS touched (pause). Thats where the good stuff is.

    So whether they are with Koch, or used to be with interscope or def jam, or they are brand new to the game, we just wanna share music with you guys that we love, by artists that are doing it (at least mostly) because they love the music.

  • Exeter

    can’t argue wit that….bless


    Great show as always my nigs. Really fellin Dee1 & Yonas on this one. Good to see these young lyrical kats doin it. I support this shit for real. HoodHype Forever!!!

  • Thank you sir!!! Dee1 was killin it for real!! had that on repeat all week!