HoodHype Show: Episode #139
April 26, 2011

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Phro was out but that didn't stop us from having a great show!  We had Jesse the ghost writer from Rap Rebirth for a quick interview, we jumped in the Stash Box, checked out DJ Quik's The Book of David for Blend It or Bump It  and got into a heated debate over the Beastie Boys.

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In the Stash Box™: Furry Black by North Peak Brewery

  • trex

    Fyi, you posted the ep 138 on iTunes instead of ep 139.

  • Thank you sir… we fixed that!

  • Canosmusic

    Yo I enjoyed the topic. No documentaries.

    Top 10
    1. Krush Goove
    2. Juice
    3. Friday
    4. Belly
    6. Boyz in the Hood
    6. New Jack City
    7. Clockers
    8. Breakin 1 & 2
    9. Beat Street
    10. Wild Style

    Worst 10
    1. Get Rich or Die Trying
    2. State Property
    3. State Property 2
    4. Streets Is Watching
    5. Bones
    6.I Got the Hookup
    7. Tales From the Hood
    8. Soul Plane & Wash
    9. Notorious
    10. Upcoming Tupac biopic..

  • Clockers was a great movie. People slept on that… Havent seen Breakin, Juice, New Jack City or Wild Style… I’ve got work to do hahaha