HoodHype Show: Episode #172
June 10, 2012

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Great topics this week including some great (and not so great) listener feedback, Hot97 vs. Nicki Minaj and Young Money, Lupe Fiasco vs. Pete Rock and Diddy's son's scholarship to UCLA.

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In the Stash Box™: Black Jack Cola by Jack Daniels

  • zillamann

    show cuts off right at blend or bump it

  • zillamann

     neva mind my shit got right

  • Another great episode. I live in N.Y. and I fucking hate Hot 97. Peter Rosenberg is one of the few real hip hop heads doing it, so I ride with him all day. I will tell you that the Rosenberg and Cipha Sound’s morning show sucks. But they have a real hip hop podcast called Juan Epstein that’s fucking dope. Shouts to yall. Hoodhype  4EVA!!

  •  Thank you for listening to the show! Man I just got through listening to 1hr of Funk Flex’s “Show…. 40% sound fx, 59% of him pumping up how big of a game changer his “news” was screaming and crying at Cipha Sounds and 1% of actual content.

    SMH, and this is now how radio goes these days.  If 105.1 is the #1 station and HOT97 is the #8 station in the market, its obvious whats REALLY going n here, with Peter AND Flex…. they’re simply trying to get their numbers up…. but nobody cares.  Thats the problem.

  • Matthewgonzales57

    Good show I start it listen to you guys when you did the kool laid epsiold back then you guys are funny as fuck and keep it up with the real hip hop shit I’m from Fresno CA. By matthew Gonzales

  • Husi

    Dear Hoodhype team!

    How are doing? That is an amazing to listen the shows such show#172. When I listen for episode #172 found some track#1,2,3,4…etc. Among tracks I liked the track#3. But could not distinguish the exact name of the track. Please could you write me the full name of the track?

    Best regards,


  • Track #3 isReks ft Jon Connor & Vanessa Renee – ”Shotgun” Thanks for lisitening and supporting the show Husi!!