Tonight we expose “rap weasels”, LIVE webcast at 8:30 PM Eastern
December 6, 2012

UPDATE: Looks like we wont be live tonight yall.  So sorry.   Lookout for a mini ep coming this Sunday!

What are you doing tonight?

We've got the drinks, we've got a basement and we've got a metric ton of new music.  Come chill with us TONIGHT AT 8:30 PM Eastern @ !!

DONT FORGET: You can now call us via Skype username: "hoodhype" or call us any time at our new international friendly number: 313-444-8711  So grab your bottle of whatever, follow us on Instagram & Twitter leading up to and during the show: (@MajorHH, @JMackHH, @PhroHH @HoodHype)  and lets have some fun!

Music Related:

  • Ryan Leslie’s offers $1 million for stolen laptop with all kinds of unreleased music
  • Chief Keef Movie in the works
  • Chris Brown is acting dumb again
  • Rick Ross, GD’s, Illuminati and FreeMasons.... oh my.
  • Blend it Or Bump It?:  Wiz Khalifa
  • Some new independent hip-hop!

Non-Music Related

  • D-D-D-Drink Alcohol! It's the STASHBOX!
  • Minnesota man kills teenagers after teens broke into his home
  • Kansas City Chiefs player Jovan Belcher murder-suicide
  • Katt Williams announced his retirement from stand up.
  • It was throw a china-men in front of the train day in NYC earlier this week

You know we always have more to come.  Hit us up at 8:30 TONIGHT at!