HoodHype Show Relaunches March 29 @ 8:00 PM EST
March 22, 2013

We're BACK!
With the announcement of MOLA1 as the latest addition to the HoodHype show family, it's time to bring you guys up to speed and show you what's been keeping us busy the past couple of weeks.  Not only has our new host been warming up his new chair, we've all been putting in a lot of time to find ways to improve and renovate this show.  Here are some of the things we've been up to:

The Meeting

So what's changing?
In short, everything.   Rest assured we're keeping the best of everything in place. And yes, Phro and JMack are still on the show (we've heard a few people asking)  When Major parted ways with the show, we decided to look at this new situation as a positive opportunity to completely revamp the show, "the basement" (our recording studio), our segments and the way the show is delivered (amongst many, many other things).

We've spent the last five weeks going through every aspect of the show. After going through our entire seven year history and studying past episodes to find what worked and what didn't, we all sat decided to have a meeting of the minds a week later.   We disassembled and then reassembled the entire show from top to bottom.  Some of the product of those discussions and meetings is discussed below and will be revealed in the coming days, weeks and months.

Mark your calendars friends, we're back March 29th at 8pm Eastern.

The Changes

New host
We're excited to welcome our new friend MOLA1 to the family. From this point forward he will be steering the ship during live shows, running on camera interviews, assisting with production and much more.  MOLA1 brings a vast knowledge of hip-hop music, a passion for working on this show and an undying love for the culture. We're very excited to have him on board.

The Segments
We're keeping your favorites (like Blend It or Bump It and StashBox) but we've also started developing a few new ones as well. We're very excited about that. Don't miss an episode, we definitely have some new material coming.

The Basement
If you're tuning into the live shows, right away you're going to notice we've changed our entire layout and the way we operate the show.  We're excited because the changes we've made will allow us to work more efficiently and ultimately provide a better show for you. We're also adding a couple new friends: the "Stash Cam" and the "Blend It or Bump It" cam.


More content
We want to focus on getting more interviews,  catering more to the music, the culture and the underground scene. We want to bring more video footage, more performance footage, and deliver the best parts of the show to you on your favorite platforms like the iPhone, Android, YouTube, Facebook and more. In the coming weeks, we're going to be very focused on syndicating our show footage and audio everywhere.

Bringing it back to the music
Those of you who have been listening over the years may have noticed a subtle shift in recent years toward more political and pop culture discussion.  Admittedly, we unintentionally strayed from the path and to be honest, became complacent with producing the show.  Our most successful years were during the times we focused on the music,  culture, interviews and having fun on the show.  And that's exactly where we want to get back to.  The music is why we're here and the music is what we will make sure we focus on.

So there they are.  Changes.  Next Friday (March 29th @ 8pm Eastern) we finally return!! Until then, follow us on FaceBook and Twitter and we'll catch you on show day!