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April 2nd, 2012
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Last Episode of the Show we knew we would be discussing the Trayvon Martin case. What we didn't realize, was that the topic would take over and inadvertently rewrite the entire episode for four straight hours all on its own. With the hosts and the listeners, it was an incredibly heated debate at times, which reached a climax when an assistant high-school principal and long-time listener from the Sanford, Florida area called into the show. Everything came to a complete halt as we listened some of his personal dealings with the Sanford Police Department as well as a few other mishandled cases which the locals seem to be very familiar with.  Incredibly eye opening and disturbing at the same time.  Read the rest of this entry »

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August 4th, 2011
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Funny or Die never stops pushing the envelope!  I'd love to get Phro's take on this.   Maybe after show prep tonight we can discuss this one, because in all honesty, this is a caricature of the truth.

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May 30th, 2011
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This video and song has been out nearly a year and had I known about it a year ago, I would have posted it with just as much enthusiasm as I am now.

I first learned about Ragen Fykes and Grillade dropped the exclusive Big K.R.I.T. collaboration with Grillade, the K.R.I.T. Wuz Here Sessions late last year.  Ever since then, I've been trying to find everything I can that Grillade has released, all the while hoping they would decide to come to Detroit for a show sometime in the near future be blessed to catch them at a random music festival or showcase.

That still has yet to happen.

So until then, I'll continue to replay the very few Grillade tracks I've been able to get my hands on.  And I'll enjoy every second of em.

Click here to see K.R.I.T. performing "Neva go Back" with Grillade at SXSW this year.

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March 9th, 2010
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Man I never saw the original.  It always looked extremely boring to me.  But I have to admit this new trailer has me wanting to go back, watch the original, then go see this.  Nicely done Mr. Film Studio exec.

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February 2nd, 2010
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Part 2 of some more of our footage from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. 

Now this is something special.  Not only because it allows you to have full Wi-Fi in your car, or because you can sync music in your car with your pc in your house wirelessly, or because you can get full steering wheel and car stereo control over your iPod or MP3 player using your stock radio....but most importantly, you can tune into internet radio LIVE from your car.   What?!  Imagine tuning into LIVE HoodHype shows right from your car via Smoothbeats Radio.  SICK!  It's still in its infancy and has a while to go, but big shouts to Dension for being pioneers in the technology!

Until it becomes more of a standard or gets to more a pricepoint you and I can afford, don't forget you can tune into the show through their internet enabled cell phones by hitting up via SmoothBeats Radio.  (They also spin alot of good Hip-Hop 24/7 when we're not live too).

We're comin baby.  We don't need record labels and we sure as hell don't need radio stations.

Previously: at CES (Part 1)

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January 23rd, 2010
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"Stop being racists. There are white people that love fried chicken too"

"I swear to God Internets, if you say something racist..."

Dallas Penn is out of his damn mind.

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January 20th, 2010
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If you read our site or listen to the show through the site or one of our syndicates, then you probably already know how excited we were to be going out to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) to cover the latest technology and gadgets for you guys.  Of course, traveling from Detroit to Las Vegas was looking a bit pricey. So being responsible consumers, we did our homework and found what we thought was the best price for the flight through Spirit Airlines.  Great price, "deluxe leather" seats what more could you ask for?  Alot.  After I tell you this story, you'll soon learn that not only is the term "you get what you pay for"  very true, but best price, and best price are two entirely different things.

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January 12th, 2010
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It would seem that we're trying to keep in the spirit of doing things that aren't music related these past few weeks.  Not the case, just a coincidental turn of events.  The North American International Auto Show happens to be in my backyard this week so myself and possibly a few others are heading down to get you guys some footage and flix of the new and concept cars so we can all marvel and speculate as to how the auto industry is going to try to remove the proverbial foot out of their asses.

Anyway, keep it locked for some content from your boys' point of view at the Auto Show.

Get more info on tickets and dates at their site:

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January 6th, 2010
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Somebody send this kid an MPC stat!  Check out this lil guy getting Travis Barker with it, with a couple of ballpoint pens and a glass.  Sick!

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November 24th, 2009

Mr. Chi City is the dude.  If more people took their internet stardom and did good stuff like this, the world would be an even better place.  Wish I coulda had some of that free breakfast.  My broke ass is HUNGRY!

Peep Chi City on YouTube and our interview with him back in March on Episode #85 of the show.

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