About this project

We have extremely high hopes and great plans for A3C this year.  Over the past 5 years we've put a lot of work into the HoodHype show and its events like A3C that allow us to not only gain more exposure for the show and build awareness of independent hip-hop artists but more importantly to bring great, exclusive, entertaining content for the people that make the show possible!  You guys!    If youre not familiar with the A3C Festival, take a look:

So as you can see from the lineup there are all sorts of amazing talent at the event, so we'll be able to get interviews and show content for you guys. A3C is October 6,7 and 8.  In order for us to cut as much cost as possible, we're going October 7 and 8.  We want to take the team to get some great photos, video footage, interviews and record a live episode of the HoodHype show from Atlanta for A3C!  Everything is ready to go, we've all bought our plane tickets,planned out our live show and footage plans and got everything set, but now we're out of funds.  So all we need now is a little help from you!

How can you help?

We've just launched our KickStarter Campaign to raise money for the project.  Please check it out, we've got a lot of great things we're giving away for your pledges!!

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Donor Thank-Yous!

A huge thank's to the following people and organizations for helping us get there!