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January 20th, 2010
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I'm curious to hear what this project will end up sounding like. 9th is one of my favorites in the industry, but I've never really cared for most of David Banner's work. Style wise the two seem like night and day opposites, but judging by the track playing in the background it just might work out after all. You can peep a video trailer after the jump. Read the rest of this entry »

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December 9th, 2009
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Maestro goes to South Carolina to chill with the monster talent that is 9th Wonder to talk music, a class 9th Dr. Mark Anthony Neil are going to be teaching at Duke University called "Sampling Soul" and a new intro beat for Maestro's next season.  Go talk to your counselors and get your syllabus updated and learn something you lil bastards.

That beat at the 6:20 mark is so good it makes me hate my life.  Damn.

Note to Maestro: You got one of the sickest beats I've heard all year, I hope your boy 13th Witness can do that track justice!

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March 17th, 2009
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I don't think NahRight readers hate Wale.  Most people like to talk big shit because they think they are mini-A&R's and sometimes they need a little attention so they lash out.... like a bitch.  Wale is right, those ARE the people who won't be at the clubs, so which also proves Joey's point on not reading the comments.  Most of the time when it's hate, it's a 12 year-old who didn't enough breast milk as a baby.

Quote of the video: "Its a different Cudi if you walk in a Reebok party wearin Jordans"

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February 15th, 2008
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Kooley High
Produced by 9th Wonder.  These cats aren't signed yet?  Damn shame.  Get that independent money fam!! More importantly, it's good to see someone enjoying their creative freedom. This shit is nice and I'm definitely feelin' EVERY word they're spittin'. 

M1 Platoon ft. Rapsody of Kooley High- How 2 Make A Hit

Cop the entire street album "M1 Mixtape" free and legal:

(the ONLY way we do it here)

//edit: Huge correction.  This track was actually by a group "M1 Platoon".  Sinopsis and J.Sol of Kooley High dropped me a message letting me know of the massively dumb mistake.  Sorry for the confusion and thanks for the heads up!

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February 13th, 2008
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Episode #60
As you can tell from the title, this was our first-ever live show. We streamed our show live via and had a chance to get some real-time interaction with our audience via the chat. The whole experience was tight and we hope to do more shows in a live format in the future. The episode got off to a good start as we caught up with Capital Z, the winner from Episode #58, to talk about his track "Family Ties", and his loyal fan base (he set a HoodHype record for most votes). After that, we had a chance to speak with Brooklyn's own Joell Ortiz. Right from the jump we took the opportunity to squash any misinformation surrounding our previous interview with Bishop Lamont. With that aside, we got into what projects Joell will be dropping next, what he's looking for in his next label situation, working with Rik Cordero, his hoop game and more. After hollerin at Joell, we got to speak with another one of Brooklyn's elite, Buckshot from the Duck Down camp. Buck gave us the scoop on The Formula, his 2nd project with 9th Wonder, which will be dropping in April. He also talked about Duck Down's recent expansion with the new signings of Kidz In The Hall, and Special Teamz. Finally, we called up Phro who wasn't able to be in the studio on this night, and shot the shit with him for a couple minutes. All interviews aside, Episode #60 is loaded with fire music, so click to listen, or download it and listen on the go! (sorry the audio quality was a little low on our and learn) Episode #60

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January 23rd, 2008
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Buckshot & 9th Wonder
Duck Down is the Label.  Fire.  Shouts to Noah.

Buckshot & 9th Wonder - Go All Out

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