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November 29th, 2011
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Nikki & Her Dancers
Nikki Lynette and her dancers let us know what they think of us outside New Era's Atlanta Flagship store.



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November 22nd, 2011
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Major & 9th Wonder
Great interview with 9th. Coming off of the previous night and a long day prepping for the screening of his movie, 9th was extremely exhausted, but was cool enough take a few minutes to chat with Major.



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November 15th, 2011
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'Saaaaay Stashbox!'
The HoodHype Boys (Major, Phro, JMack and Big D) stops for a quick flick at the New Era flagship store in Atlanta.

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October 24th, 2011
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Having trouble playing the audio? Click here to download the MP3.

Quite possibly one of our longest episodes to date.  We were glad to be back, can you tell?  We gave away copies of NBA2K12 (podcast listeners there's something special for you buried in this episode too), discussed Occupy Wall Street, we talked with Apple iPhone's newest first lady SIRI and spun a TON of great new music.

On a brief side note, we recently found out that the League of Extraordinary G'z recently lost one of their members, so we'd like to send our condolences to the friends and family of Esbe Da 6th Street Bully aka Octavis Berry.  Rest In Power fam.

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October 18th, 2011
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In part two of Major's interview with Jon Connor he discusses his upcoming release Vinnie Chase: Season 2, one of NYC's hardest working independent MC's Donny Goines steps in to speak a word or two on Connor as well as a brief discussion on the track Jon recorded at Stankonia studios with Joe Scudda and Termanology while in ATL for A3C.  #thatshitcray.

Previously: HoodHype Interview w/ Jon Conner @ A3C Pt. 1

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October 17th, 2011
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Our first night at A3C Hip-Hop Festival, we caught up with a local cat Jon Connor for an interview to talk about his current project, his upcoming project and MC Breed resolution.  On a side note, I'd like to add that Jon Connor and his entire team are some of the most hard working, energetic, humble cats we've ever spoken to.  Even his manager Mateen Cleaves, former NBA player and college b-ball star, was extremely cool and down to earth.  So big shouts to the entire Blue City Club for being a humble crew out here workin' hard and showing us all what real dedication is all about.


Next: HoodHype Interview w/ Jon Conner @ A3C Pt. 2

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October 15th, 2011
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I can't imagine what else we could say to put the importance of this event to us into words.  So we were absolutely sick with excitement not only to be able to experience it all as a team and get video of the event, but also to host the Konsole Kingz gaming lounge live on day 3 of A3C (that episode will be posted very soon).  Here's a brief preview montage of our visit to give you a taste of the footage that is yet to come.

Big, HUGE shouts to Brian Knott, Llana Perry and the entire A3C team that was insanely kind and helpful to us, to the  KonsoleKingz team, Alicia, Tyler, LL, Sergio (Go BLUE!) and most definitely CJ aka King Soul for showing us what Southern Hospitality is all about, to all of the artists that came through for interviews and being patient while we got our technical glitches ironed out, and most importantly....a BIG thank you to our fans for sending us to A3C by buying all our merch!

Music on this track is Sean Falyon - "Chasing" from his album SFBE2.  Cop it here!

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October 6th, 2011
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Yep!  We're going to be LIVE at A3C this Saturday (October 8th) from 1pm to 5pm Eastern.  Broadcasting LIVE via Smoothbeats Radio and UStream, make sure you're on the mailing list and we'll send you a reminder!  

The whole crew will be in Atlanta (Major, Myself, Phro, Big D) with the homies from Konsole Kingz who will have a couple XBox's and flat panels set up along with a whole GANG of independent artists and DJ's who are going to be coming through, sitting in and interviewing, having drinks and playing games and discussing topics.

Don't miss it ya'll it's our first ever remote episode and we'll be LIVE from Atlanta! Keep it locked right here and hop on the show announcement list too!

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September 27th, 2011
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A video from one of my favorite new(er) video crews 3 Little Digs.  Shouts to Sean Falyon still being everywhere (SFBE) and putting out a video for one of his standout tracks on SFBE2.  Even though he insists the preacher speaking in the song is a cut from the movie "Colors" I still stand by my original theory that it's Playboy Tre on those clips.

Speaking of Tre and Sean Falyon, peep some fresh footage I JUST uploaded last night to YouTube of their performance at A3C 2010 and while you're at it check out the footage from their latest Red Cup Party with Pill, BoB and more.  Word is, there's gonna be a Red Cup Party the weekend of A3C, so if the planets align, you know your boys will be in the house with the camera.


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August 23rd, 2011
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If you’ve listened to Episode #147 you are already aware of our efforts to attend the 2011 A3C Music Festival in Atlanta, GA. For those of you unfamiliar with A3C, it is the largest hip-hop festival in the United States.

For the last 5+ years we’ve made it our goal to bring the best indie hip-hop to our audience, and since A3C will feature dozens of today’s finest independent artists, we really need to be there.  We’ve booked our flights for the event, but we don’t have enough money to cover lodging, equipment rentals and other supplies. This is why we are reaching out to you. Read the rest of this entry »

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