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November 18th, 2010
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If you caught me walkin' around A3C this year with KingSoul from KonsoleKingz, then you know the camera stays in hand at all times.   This explains why I have over four hours of footage that I pulled and edited down to 10 minutes, I wish I could just upload all of it somewhere.

Here is some more of Mike Bigga and Immortal Technique's performances as well as performances by Homeboy Sandman, Stalley, Tanya Morgan, Nappy Roots, Reks n Statik Selektah, Nesby Phips and Artifacts.

I already can't wait to go to A3C 2011, you should go too.

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October 24th, 2010
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One of my favorite moments of my entire time at A3C.  Rhymefest ended up closing out the show (shouts to Erik Sermon who was at the top of the bill and never showed up).  At this point it was already 1:30am, everyone was crowding into the stuffy, hot Red Bull stage area to watch the last performance of the night.  We just finished watching Bobby Creekwater and Nesby Phips downstairs and we came up just before Fest took the stage after Mikey Rocks.

I was exhausted.  Between the homie KingSoul from KonsoleKingz taking me around to meet all his people, trying to network with everyone I could with the little time I had available and listening to hip-hop blaring out of every single corner of the venue for 12 straight hours, I was hip-hop'd the eff out.  Never thought that could happen, but it did.

So when Rhymefest finally came out, I didn't expect him to put on the show he did, especially THAT late.  But as you can see, he pulled it off.  I bought another beer, enjoyed my supremely sufficient contact high and pressed the record button.

So here's Rhymefest performing "Brand New".  After his verse, he cut the music and brought a fan up to run with Kanye's lyrics (LOL @ ole dude dropping the mic) which ended up transforming into a remix which was finished with a crazy freestyle.

I gained a whole new appreciation for Rhymefest after that night.   Much respect.

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October 12th, 2010
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Talk about reppin' your coast. Fab's DJ had to take off so he decided to go off the dome and blessed the crowd with a 7-minute freestyle over some unheard (and insanely dope) beats by "The Bizness".  Probably one of my favorite moments the entire day at the festival, Mistah Fab's freestyle skills get HUGELY slept on.

This is a just a small piece of a lot of footage I pulled while I was at the A3C (All 3 Coasts) Hip-Hop Festival in midtown Atlanta. It was an amazing experience and will most definitely be a regular event for us to attend every year.

Later today I'm going to post another one of my favorite moments from A3C.  Look out for the recap of the visit to A3C Episode #125 of the show.  Jump on the show alert list to get notice when we go LIVE! (click here)

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