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March 8th, 2012
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The homie Big D and I came through to check out the Claps & Slaps tour featuring Black Milk with Nat Turner, J.Pinder and Ad.D+.  All acts I was very much looking forward to seeing.

I tend to get overexcited about seeing some of my favorite artists perform.  Especially when they do the unexpected, like completely change the instrumentals and break into an incredible jam session.  Black Milk and the Nat Turner band did that other night at Ann Arbor, Michigan's Blind Pig for nearly every song he performed.   Watch what happens at the 2:00 mark.

I already knew Black Milk had a hell of a stage presence and he's crazily creative, but not too many artists can take albums they released two and three years ago (Album of the Year and Tronic) and completely reformulate it and re-tour on their music.  This was one hell of a show and I'm glad I didn't miss it, make sure you check for the Claps & Slaps tour landing in your hood.

Much respect.  I have more footage and videos coming for Black Milk, J.Pinder and Ad.D+ so check back!


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