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February 10th, 2011
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You know I'm a nerd for this type of footage, so here's some more from my favorite video team of the moment featuring Detroit's own Black Milk and incredibly talented drummer Daru Jones and others.  Im assuming they were practicing for one of the best hip-hop shows I've ever experienced.

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October 5th, 2010
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At Black Milk's "Album of the Year" release party in Los Angeles performing one of my personal favorites from the Caltroit album.  That show looks like it was just as dope as the Detroit show!  Coincidentally, we just spoke to Bishop Lamont on last week's show as well, that interview will be up very soon.

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July 30th, 2010
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Personally, this is one of my most anticipated albums this year next to J.Cole's album.  Can't wait.  September 14th!  With any luck we'll be at the album release party, and with even more luck we'll be able to get in and get some footage with the camera, provided @hexmurda doesn't murder all of us.

I wonder if they blurred out the 10 Deep logo on Black Milk's hoodie because of how they did Danny Brown....

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July 14th, 2010
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What up doe?! New single of his highly anticipated, upcoming release Album of the Year which I'm convinced it will be in my book.  This is GOOD STUFF.  With Stat dropping a certified banger, J.Cole on the way and maybe even Detox this year (not holding my breath on that) this should be a damn, damn good year for some real hip-hop music.

My only wish is that one time, just one time, we could get in the studio with Black Milk with our camera and get some footage and behind the scenes of this dude putting together some of his music.   He's got a completely different sound than most others out there, I'm sure alot of people would love to see how he puts some of this stuff together.

Black Milk - "Welcome (Gotta Go)"
[audio:|titles=Black Milk - Welcome (Gotta Go)]

Check our interview with Black Milk back in Episode #79

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