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April 19th, 2011
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Produced by the D's own Mr. Porter.

I'm loving this on a sonic level which is an area I think hip-hop is purely overlooked by many.   What am I talking about?  Take a minute, when your boss isn't looking or your girlfriend/wifey is pre-occupied and won't make fun of you. Close your eyes and hit play on this one.  Take a minute to listen to all the shit going on in this track.  Literally close your eyes, set the actual words aside for a second (although this joint is a lyrical champ to say the least), feel the kick the rhythm of the flow the way that sample is dipping in and out, the sound of the voices.  See what I'm saying?   There's definitely something to be said about hip-hop technically and sonically that a lot of music heads (nerds) tend to completely ignore based on their assumption that hip-hop is lazy, cheap music.

Will Phro chastise me and pause police the hell out of some of wording in this post?  Sure.  Will Major roll his eyes and call me a fake musical elitist prick?  Maybe.  But one thing is for sure, you can't deny a hot ass cut... and that's exactly what this is.  Cop Clear Soul Forces album at their bandcamp page.

[audio:|titles=Clear Soul Forces - We Got You Open]

Shouts to the homie FWMJ by way of MichiganHipHop (what up Mos) where I spotted this.

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