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November 17th, 2009
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New video from B.o.B aka Bobby Ray directed by Motion Family.  Not really hip-hop music but you know we gotta pay respect to a hip-hop dude doin things a little different than the norm.   When is this dude gonna drop an album though?  I think I've seen seven B.o.B. mixtapes all with the same singles in different order.  Gotta respect dudes grind, but damn can we get an official album?

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October 7th, 2009
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And talks much more about his name, his influences, speaking with T.i. with a very fly interviewer.  Coulda done without the annoying watermark in the center of the video though.


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July 20th, 2009
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When we heard Ham Squad (B.o.B., Playboy Tre, TJ Chapman, BRich) was gonna be in town for "The Great Hangover Tour" you know we had to go and promote.   But what happened though before the headliner ("Astro Roffs") took the stage at the Detroit stop for the tour?

(intermission lol)

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June 25th, 2009
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BoB vs Bobby Ray
Been busy as hell, sorry for the retarded delay everybody.  Summer has already been busy as all get out.  GOOD THINGS are still comin' just like this free B.o.B. vs Bobby Ray album.   Download it, listen to it, enjoy it.  I know I am and so will you.  That's why you come back here, for the good shit.  I pulled a few of my favorite cuts from the album below.

DOWNLOAD: B.o.B. vs. Bobby Ray

BoB ft. Kanye West - "Do You Have The Stamina"

Bobby Ray - "Mr. Bobby"

Tracklist and cover art after the jumpety.
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June 11th, 2009
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Something is cookin in the kitchen.....  in the meantime, don't forget to send your questions to Playboy Tre's segment on the HoodHype show, "Tre's Corner"

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April 14th, 2009
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Put your "One" in the air.

Holla at Tre on Tre's Corner or get at him on Twitter.

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April 9th, 2009
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Spotted at the house of the owner of the online hip-hop blogging universe.

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