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July 15th, 2010
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So where do you draw the line between business and friendship?  Angela Yee interviews Murs and asks him about banning Jay Rock at the Paid Dues festival.

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April 6th, 2010
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Sorry for the delay guys.  Been taking a brief hiatus and some much needed RnR from the world to spend with the family. 

So I pop open the laptop, start browsing around and I wasn't greeted with this little gift.   Normally, myself as well with any other music fan would have said "yeah right" to Detox dropping this year.  But the fact that the Doc is now on record, audio and visual confirming it drops this year, he has no choice lol.  Should be pretty interesting considering half of the land of Aftermath's misfit rappers will be appearing on this album.

Very excited to check the album out, and you KNOW this is asking for a "Blend it or Bump it" segment of the show. (Although I doubt the blender will be winding up for this one)

Stay tuned, we'll be dropping Episode #110 of the show to share a great interview with Stat Quo and Detroit's own Danny Brown.

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May 29th, 2009
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LOL @ the play on the whole "slow" thing.  But damn, that beat sounds SICK!  All 3 seconds of it.  Cmooooooooon mannnnn!!!

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November 5th, 2008
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Last Saturday's show, we also interviewed Bishop Lamont but it wasn't included in the podcast, although the listeners who were here at Saturday night got to hear it live and chat.  Bishop went in on The Game REAL tough.  We also got a chance to talk about Detox (of course), the massive loss in talent over at interscope as well as 50 and Eminem's upcoming albums.  But man, Bishop just went in hard on Game non-stop.... Peep the interview below.

DOWNLOAD/LISTEN: HoodHype Interview with Bishop Lamont

"She (The Game)  is heartbroke, she wanna get back to Dre, she misses the milk and cookies.  She misses the walks in the park I guess. Baby girl got the Heineken bottle sticker on her face"

Names Bishop used to refer to Game in this interview: "That Girl", "Star Face", "Sweetheart", "Sunburst Chest", "Tomato Paste Chest" and "Sticker Face"

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