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May 4th, 2010
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Jeezy fliped the script on this one and went with Don Cannon over Drama but its still that fire that you would expect to follow up the certified hood classic Trap or Die.  If you don't feel it after listening to Ill'in ft. Clipse then...go kill yourself!

DOWNLOAD: Jeezy - Trap or Die 2 (By Any Means Necessary)

Thug Motivation 103 in stores June 22.

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February 18th, 2010
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He mentioned something about how he's "back".  Hell I didn't know he came and left begin with.  Anyway, like I said before, kid really ain't all that memorable to be honest.  He's definitely a talented lyracist, but he seems to lack that fire.  You know the thing that makes someone's personality pop on the track and makes you wanna hear more?  He's got something, he just isn't all the way there yet.  I don't think you should sleep on Laws by any means, I just think he's got alot of life to live before he actually has some interesting shit to spit, but for now poor Laws is getting sonned by his beats.  Proof to the hip-hop haters out there that you must have natural talent to be a great rapper.  You can't just spit lyrics on hot ass production and expect to pop, because to me Laws just isn't. 

Someone definitely spent a friggin grip on those beats though...

Download link, album art and track list after the jump.
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February 11th, 2010
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Maaaaaaaan ever since Major posted that in-studio footage with this new dude Laws and 9th wonder, I've been waiting for this single to drop.

Now that it's here, I like it but man this dude NEEDS that beat.  He can spit, but that 9th wonder intrumental is carrying Laws right on through this track.  That being said I haven't heard one other track by Laws, so take my opinion completely at face value.

Put 2/16/10 on your calendar, he's supposed to be dropping his first mixtape with Don Cannon and Justice League, titled 4:57.


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January 26th, 2010
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9th is seriously on his grind. Seems like he's been working with everyone lately, not to mention getting his professor on. Anyway, this is footage of 9th in the studio with Laws who is dropping the 4:57 Mixtape in conjuction with J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League and Don Cannon on Feb. 16th. Shout to Decatur Dan for the footage.

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September 28th, 2009
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Don Cannon &
It really IS music to game to! and Cannon held it DOWN for this Cannon 2k10 volume 1 FREE mixtape featuring tracks by Slim Thug, Mikkey Halsted, Nipsey Hu$$le, Currency, Sean Faylon, Wale, Pac Div and more!  A damn solid album and worth the download.  Make sure you bump this WHILE you play 2k10, it adds a whole other element of energy to the game.

 Konsole Kingz (KKZ), the #1 hip-hop gaming brand, does it again. Konsole Kingz has teamed up with mega-producer Don Cannon to release a new mixtape inspired by their love of sports games.

The banger features production from Don Cannon and exclusive tracks from hip-hop come-up kids Wale, Cool Kids, Pac Div and Currency, with appearances from Ludacris, Slim Thug, Freeway and Bonecrusher plus more.

Konsole Kingz has relationships with the top gaming companies like EA Sports, Xbox, and Activision. And, Konsole Kingz marketing agency has produced launch parties for Madden 2010 and will have one in Atlanta for the launch of DJ Hero.

Konsole Kingz CEO and founder Cj “Kingsoul” Peters says “The Cannon 2K10 mixtape is the culmination of our efforts to bring the video game and hip-hop industry together. This is the first of our Music 2 Game 2 mixtapes, which are inspired by the top video games.” 

Download link, Cover Art and Tracklist after the Jump!

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