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June 18th, 2013
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It's not too often that you're fortunate enough to come across an artist with the precision and drive of a Ninja.    Especially when it's an artist actually named  Nolan the Ninja who happens to be in your own backyard.

I found about about Nolan when I stumbled across his song "That's When Ya Lost"  (using the Souls of Mischief beat) on Kevin Nottingham a few weeks back.  When I heard him start rapping,  I found myself checking the date of the post.   The kid sounded like he was straight out of  1995 by way of Doc Brown's DeLorean.   So being a complete slappy for the golden era,  I immediately pulled the track and used it in mini-episode #202 of the HoodHype show.  Then came the bonus:  he's from Detroit.

So of course we had to have him on the show, and of course we had to ask him to drop some bars with our in-house rap genius, MOLA1.

Check out Nolan's full interview and another in-show freestyle he did in Episode #207 of the HoodHype Show.

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May 17th, 2013
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Hey man don't blame us if you don't chill for the long haul on show nights every Friday.  Things like this just happen. Shouts to Anchiello.

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December 1st, 2011
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I mean.... he's better than that dude Watsky...

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October 24th, 2010
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One of my favorite moments of my entire time at A3C.  Rhymefest ended up closing out the show (shouts to Erik Sermon who was at the top of the bill and never showed up).  At this point it was already 1:30am, everyone was crowding into the stuffy, hot Red Bull stage area to watch the last performance of the night.  We just finished watching Bobby Creekwater and Nesby Phips downstairs and we came up just before Fest took the stage after Mikey Rocks.

I was exhausted.  Between the homie KingSoul from KonsoleKingz taking me around to meet all his people, trying to network with everyone I could with the little time I had available and listening to hip-hop blaring out of every single corner of the venue for 12 straight hours, I was hip-hop'd the eff out.  Never thought that could happen, but it did.

So when Rhymefest finally came out, I didn't expect him to put on the show he did, especially THAT late.  But as you can see, he pulled it off.  I bought another beer, enjoyed my supremely sufficient contact high and pressed the record button.

So here's Rhymefest performing "Brand New".  After his verse, he cut the music and brought a fan up to run with Kanye's lyrics (LOL @ ole dude dropping the mic) which ended up transforming into a remix which was finished with a crazy freestyle.

I gained a whole new appreciation for Rhymefest after that night.   Much respect.

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