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December 23rd, 2010
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This episode we announced the HoodHype Fight Club, and made our picks for all four brackets (East, West, South, & Midwest)! We also discussed Quincy Jones tossing Kanye under the bus, broke down our idea of a stereotypical grammy voter, and discussed the OnSmash vs. Fed Govt. situation. As always we crack open the stash box to try out a new brew, and we put Yeezy's Dark Twisted Fantasy up on the chopping block for this episode's Blend it or Bump it!

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February 1st, 2010
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First off, all 3 of these dudes killed it. I love the energy that Em and Wayne brought, and you could genuinely see Drake's excitement come through in his performance. Now moving on to CBS, WTF were their censors doing? I can understand muting a word or two, or even a phrase, but these bastards were taking out whole bars at a time. That is the worst live show edit job I've ever seen, and reminded me why I usually don't f with the Grammy's and end up watching something else. It's too bad because in the end, it's the fans watching at home who got f'd over.

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