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November 30th, 2009
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We were definitely in rare form as equipment malfunctioned, Phro went on a few of his classic rants and everything seemed to fall apart at times. Maybe you wont even notice! It was still a great show nonetheless especially when we reached the subject of female anatomy. Uh ooooh, we can see the emails coming in already.  Don't forget you can subscribe for free in iTunes so the show automatically goes to your iPod! Or you can subscribe with your Microsoft Zune!
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November 24th, 2009
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With Grand Theft Auto off the scene until GTA V, I'm always looking for new open-world action games to help me pass the time, and EA's The Saboteur looks like a banger. You play the role of Sean Devlin, an Irish tough guy, who is out to settle a personal vendetta against a Nazi officer who has taken everything from him. The game features a ton of weapons, stealth combat, sabotage tactics, and non-stop action. The Saboteur drops on December 8th for XBox 360/PS3/PC.

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