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March 24th, 2011
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The HoodHype Show will be LIVE via WEBCAST Tonight (Thursday, March 24th) at 6:30 PM Eastern!!

We're back and mixing it alll up again,
Really abnormal this week. Don't freak out!! Episode #137 will be a short one for the live crowd.... kinda.

So check it out, we got the green light on press access to a local Slaughterhouse / Yelawolf show which happens to be on HoodHype show night and we're going to see if we can get some footage, photos and interviews. Word is Eminem is supposed to be making an appearance. On the good side, we've got access and we're only doing this to get sick footage and hopefully interviews with you guys, on the other side, its photo only and only for the first three songs. But we're hoodhype, you KNOW we're going for video and more than three damn songs... we'll see what happens. Maybe we'll get kicked out, who knows! Either way that shits gonna be documented.

Anyway, we're kicking off the live recording of the show tonight at 6:30pm (normally 7:30) and we're gonna hit the road at 7pm. I know, a half hour show seems weak. But what we're gonna try doing is pulling along our digital audio recorder and Major's fancy phone to take you guys on the road with us LIVE so we can finish up the show on the way to the concert. It's something new, we haven't done it before, its new tech to us so we'll see what happens. So when we get back, we'll be taking all of the footage (if any) and all of the audio and putting it together into the podcast for you, complete with the music and everything. So tune in tonight @ 6:30 pm EST and come along with us. We've got good topics, good music, and staaaaaaaaaaaaashbooooox..... Read the rest of this entry »

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November 12th, 2010
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Who's gonna join us in the basement tonight? We've got some great topics to get in with you guys and some crazy music! Just Major, JMack and Phro chillin' in the basement this week with all of you guys. Come on in, grab a drink and hang with us tonight LIVE at! Topics and UStream link for tonight's show after the jump!!

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September 2nd, 2010
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What's up everyone?

We're back! It's here again, today LIVE webcast on the front page of Today we welcome special guests .KOM back to the basement to chill with all of us.  We've got alot of fun topics and a ton more music to spin for you.  Hope you can make it to the basement with us tonight! See you there!

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June 21st, 2010
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Peep this new Kurupt track produced by Pete Rock off his latest album Streetlights. 

On a brief side note, the transition is finally complete! now has a new home!  So you might notive the site responds and loads alot faster than it did before.  This is just the first of things to come.  I'll be posting the first of many upcoming yet-to-be-titled "mini-episodes" today as well.  And there's still more coming!! Keep it locked!

Still to come:

  • HoodHype Official 24/7 Streaming music channel featuring GOOD SHIT.
  • More frequent podcasts
  • Upcoming Sony PIIQ Headphones giveaway
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March 19th, 2010
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We're back in the basement again and it's time to talk some music. Tonight we're discussing everything from G-Unit's possible Indie move to the Civil War brewing on the West Coast (California USA). We'll be dippin back into the stashbox, talkin with Playboy Tre, and possibly a guest or two calling in. Should be a really good time! And if you can't make it, don't sweat it, it'll all be in the podcast!  Tune in on the front page of, over on our page or right here!

All Internet Users: Tune in simply by going to the front page of and you can chat and watch/listen LIVE!

On the Go? Cell Phone users with data plans: visit: and tune in from your phone! LIVE AT 7pm EST!

Winamp Users: Get that high-quality audio and tune in at LIVE! at 7pm EST tonight!

iTunes users?:Search "SmoothBeats" in iTunes radio within iTunes and tune in live!

Can't make the show? No Problem! You can ALWAYS listen to the recorded podcast FREE anytime at or search us up on Last.FM or iTunes Store!!

USTREAM after the jump!

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February 27th, 2010
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This is actually a bunch of mini-clips I snatched while we were prepping and recording Episode #105 of the show.  No rhyme or reason why we put it together to be honest.

My first intention was to actually make "behind the scenes" footage.  But the more we got into the show and the more we drank, the more I forgot to pull out the camera.

So, Ladies and Gentlemen, I submit to you, HoodHype, a very brief, disjointed, incoherent Behind the Scenes look into what we do here on the show.

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May 7th, 2009
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The HoodHype Show will be LIVE via WEBCAST (THURSDAY 5/7/09) at 6:30pm Eastern!!


What's good everybody this is Major from Tomorrow we'll be broadcasting LIVE via, and we have a LOADED show! I wanted to throw an e-mail out to all of our subscribers to give you a heads up on the topics.

Episode #89 - Thursday May 7th @ 6:30 p.m. EST

  • Special mystery guest with some fun inside info on HOT97 and their current drama
  • Alfamega gets outed as a former DEA informant
  • Stash Box time! We're gonna be drinkin on some new drink! Bring yours too!
  • Malice of the Clipse "comes clean" about their real lifestyle
  • Asher Roth: Dumb ass or give him a pass?
  • Tre's Corner: We have some funny questions coming from Nigeria and Korea.
  • Manny Pacquiao smashes Ricky Hatton
  • Rick Ross' Deeper Than Rap debuted at #1
  • Taking your calls! 888-THA-HYPE! Phone lines will be open
  • Eminem's video for "3 A.M." debuted on Cinemax.
  • Random Topic of the Week: Men's birth control shot. Would you use it?

These are just some of the things we'll be getting into tomorrow. As usual we'll have 6 new indie bangers for y'all to listen to, and we'll have a new drink coming out of The Stash Box, So whether you're at work with some headphones, or at home on the laptop come over to at 6:30 EST and get involved! Peace.


Also, if you have an iPhone or iPod touch, you can tune in and watch the LIVE feed their for FREE too!! iTunes Store is offering the iPhone/Ustream app for FREE download!! Heres the link to download it from the iTunes Store for FREE! : CLICK HERE


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April 13th, 2009
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This dude said "probably because I'm heavy on the beat like overweight cops..." lol!   The underground got somethin' to say!

Peep Bashwon at MySpace, Twitter or previous Episodes of HoodHype (here, here, here or here)

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April 9th, 2009
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Still gettin it, Playboy Tre defines hustle.  Who else do you know that works for at least ONE fan a day?  Catch the rest of Tre's "Fan a Day" series.

And if you haven't caught it, we talk about it constantly, catch Tre's Corner on the HoodHype show!  You can submit questions to him RIGHT HERE and we will ask read them to Tre on the show.  Next LIVE one is this Saturday at 6pm Eastern!

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April 3rd, 2009
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For Field
Aye!  We will be downtown Detroit to for the final 4 tomorrow (Saturday) night, so if you're in town or this is your city, hit me up and we got you for a few rounds.   From the sounds of it we will be spending a good bit of time at The Elwood which is about 50 feet outside the front doors of Ford Field.  So if you're down there, yell out for "HoodHype!" and we'll throw a couple cold ones out at you!

Obviously we won't be doing the show this week, we'll definitely be missing all you that hang with us in the chat.  We will be back next Saturday though, so we hope to catch you then!  If you haven't already get on the show alert list and we'll email you the day before the show to remind you!

Until then, get at us, hell hit me up if you wanna hook up with us and chill for a bit.  Hit me up on Twitter ( Email (!

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