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April 6th, 2010
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Sorry for the delay guys.  Been taking a brief hiatus and some much needed RnR from the world to spend with the family. 

So I pop open the laptop, start browsing around and I wasn't greeted with this little gift.   Normally, myself as well with any other music fan would have said "yeah right" to Detox dropping this year.  But the fact that the Doc is now on record, audio and visual confirming it drops this year, he has no choice lol.  Should be pretty interesting considering half of the land of Aftermath's misfit rappers will be appearing on this album.

Very excited to check the album out, and you KNOW this is asking for a "Blend it or Bump it" segment of the show. (Although I doubt the blender will be winding up for this one)

Stay tuned, we'll be dropping Episode #110 of the show to share a great interview with Stat Quo and Detroit's own Danny Brown.

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January 12th, 2010
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If we we're on the air right now I'd play a sarcastic "wow we're amazingly shocked and didn't see this coming" sound effect.  Bishop explains the year-long "gag-order" handed down from Interscope along with the lawsuits that ensued from his label when "Grow Up" hit the airwaves as well as his (at the time) impending label doom and describes the feeling of finally being free from the shackles of the record industry's Amistad known as Interscope.

The music and radio industry truly has no fucking clue.  This is just amazing, and I'm actually really happy for Bishop, because we ALL knew (including him) that his album had about as much chance of dropping as Dre has releasing Detox.  Although, I'm sure there's a chance of that happening, if Jimmy Iovine isn't on the rag, it's a Tuesday, and nobody walks under a ladder, breaks a mirror, eats Chinese food or wears Adidas with fat laces after 3pm.

Anyway, congrats to you Bishop.  Maybe at some point you could decide to come back on the show and talk to us about it.  I hope this has no bearing on the "Caltroit 2" album.

Bishop Lamont Interview on Sirius Shade45

Big shouts to Guadalupe for the heads up on this!

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July 16th, 2009
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Bobby Creek
Sounds like Bobby Creek losing patience with his label....I hate this shit, this dude is one of the most lyrical artists Shady Records has left but like Bishop Lamont, they continue to shelve him for their flagship female friendly artists, regardless of the artistic relevance.  Shit I'd say "goodnight Shady" too, especially since you're makin your own buzz without their asses.  Props to Bobby Creek and Steve-O.

"See this game here is quite shady,
at some point I might have to say goodnight Shady,
at some point I might have to take a bow,
but not on they terms or mines I made a vow."

LISTEN: Bobby Creekwater - "Hello World"

Fuck the politics though, the track is hot.  Shouts to Bobby Creekwater and BGOV!

THE DAY IT ALL MADE $ENSE coming August 9th!

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July 7th, 2009
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Bishop Lamont ft. Suga Free, Chevy Jones, Bokey & Butch Cassidy - "Nothing Could Be Better" Produced by DJ Battlecat/1500 Official Drop July 4th 2009

Stop hatin you whack ass bitches and go to CHUUCH!!!  MUCH respect to Bishop for bringin Suga Free back on the scene. 

Notice the "AFTERMATH RECORDS" mark on the screen. 

Bishop Lamont ft. Dae One - "Ain't No Other Ni**a" after the jump
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July 6th, 2009
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Bishop Lamont
Dre gave Bishop a monster beat to work with and Bishop certainly did not let the real hip-hop fans down.  This joint is one of the hardest shits I've heard all damn year.

"Swear you been a renegade, but ni**a please you been afraid go get master his lemonade and stop with all the street charades"

Bishop Lamont ft. XZibit - "Hallelujah"

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February 6th, 2009
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Return of Shady
The hook to this joint annoys the hell outta be because once you hear it, the shit stays on your brain for the rest of the day.  Keep an eye out for Bobby Creek's upcoming album/mixtape The BC Era Deuce. 

LISTEN: Eminem ft. Bobby Creekwater & Ca$his - "Crack a Bottle" (remix)

Props to the homie Steve-O.

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January 27th, 2009
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Lloyd Banks
Not sure what it's from.  I don't normally follow Banks, but this track is pretty damn hot. 

LISTEN: Lloyd Banks - "Holy Matrimony"

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January 3rd, 2009
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Not my favorite Bishop joint, but knowing this dude, he'll put out ten hellabangers after this.  Off The Reformation coming soon.

LISTEN: Bishop Lamont ft. Marsha Ambrosius - Exclusive (I Got It)

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November 20th, 2008
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It's always good to see people get outta the evil ass system. Can't wait for that Bailout Mixtape. But in the meantime, peep the interview we had with Stat last week where he spoke on the mess at Interscope/Aftermath as well.

You know what? I'm about to launch an investigation into the whole deal over there. I want to know what the hell is goin' on and who is droppin the ball where. It just seems like there have been way too many artists lightly speaking on Interscope but only touch on Dre's obvious OCD problem (thats tongue in cheek if you don't get the sarcasm....*pause*). So what is it? I need to know. Is it Jimmy? Is it Dre? Is it just the business? Is it the stockholders? I GOTTA know what's goin on over there.

As a music fan, some would say I shouldn't care, but I've been waiting for Statlanta for damn near three years and still have yet to get a rock solid answer as to why the project and Stat were put on the shelf amongst many others (which Stat shouts out in the video above).

It's time to investigate dammit. I wanna talk to Bobby Creekwater, Obie Trice, D12, Busta Rhymes, Eve and even Joell Ortiz again, I want answers!

Don't you?

Side item: Ron Artest had a few things to say about the Stat Interview....

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November 17th, 2008
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All I can say is wow. Stat was a real ass dude and we had a lot of fun talking to him on last Friday's show (which should be dropping tonight, complete with this interview for you the iPod users). He talked about everything from the label issues with Shady/Aftermath to the industry as a whole as well as where he's at with his own projects "The South Got Something to Say" and the upcoming "Bailout" and "2010" projects. Trust me, there's ALOT more that I'm not speaking on that you MUST LISTEN TO to see what I'm talkin about when I say this was a VERY ENLIGHTENING interview.

Truth be told, this interview was damn near an hour but we managed to get it edited down to half that.

Let em know where you heard it and make sure you get in on the live shows, we're always getting surprise interviews!

HoodHype Interview With Stat Quo

DOWNLOAD: HoodHype Interview With Stat Quo

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