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August 2nd, 2011
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A while back on Episode #144 we spun a track that seemed to get a lot of positive feedback from you guys.  Even though Major intro'd the song in the show, we still received email asking "who did that Fly song".    Here's the visual treatment for the song you all were so crazy over.  Much respect to DUBB.

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October 7th, 2010
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Having trouble playing the audio? Click here to download the MP3.

This episode was bangin! We had a great interview with Strange Music's newest signee, Jay Rock and talked about Chrysler employees getting busted out drinking and smoking green on the job.  But it didn't end there, we not only had some great music this episode but we were also blessed when Bishop Lamont pulled his Pope Mobile over to drop in for a minute to talk to your boys about where he's been, the leaving Aftermath Records situation, his work with Rob Dyrdek and much more.  Crazy episode.

Shouts to Adam who was in the basement with us this week too!

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October 5th, 2010
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On Episode #124 of the show (recorded last Thursday) we wanted to get Jay Rock on to talk about his recent signing with Tech N9ne's Strange Music label.  That's a HUGE look for independent music to take an artist straight from the belly of the beast (Warner Brothers) and and sign them on an independent label.  That's like snatchin' up the homecoming queen from her man without even trying.  \

Jay spoke on how he had a few other label offers, his touring, signing and touring with Tech, his fans and Jay's group Black Hippy.

Our Interview with Jay Rock
[audio: | Interview with Jay Rock]

Also, here's the Tech N9ne interview Major was talking about in this interview.

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March 3rd, 2010
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You know any time we post albums here, we have listened to them front to back and back again.  We don't regurgitate every album we get for the sake of internet traffic or kissin some rapper'ss ass for money or noteriety.  That's not how we do here.  So just know that when you see a free album posted here, it's gonna be something each of likes, appreciates and supports.

When I stumbled across an L.A. MC by the name of  Ayomari, I not only listened to this album from front to back, I listened to it in the whip, at home and on my iPod several, several times.   It's seldom that you find an album these days that's not only free, but also has you thinking to yourself  "damn this is my shit!"  You know that good feeling you get when you hear something for the first time.  The type of music  that you pop in your cd player and show all your friends but don't wanna tell em who it is or where to get it, because it's your "dirty little secret" and nobody else can have it but YOU.  You are the gatekeeper, none shall pass, mine, mine, mine... I will bask in this reflected glory and enjoy letting you hear the song while it plays.  But you just can't have a copy.  I'm in the special music club and you're not invited.

Download link, tracklist and artwork after the jump!

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December 14th, 2009
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Maestro chills and over narrates with the infamous Mr. Cartoon.  I absolutely love the visuals this kid gets on his flicks.  Very interesting, beautifully shot, mini-biopic on Cartoon and his come up.

Excellent work Mr. Maestro.

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