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January 12th, 2012
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I sometimes wonder if half of these bloggers even listen to the music they post and do more than simply skim through to make sure the production is tight because I have yet to see anyone address the actual CONTENT of this album.

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September 26th, 2011
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Johnny is still makin the moves.  Props to the kid from the Ville (Louisville).

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December 18th, 2010
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New banger from Johnny Spanish produced by SMKA. Man it seems like ever since the boy Spanish hit NYC he's been hustlin his ass off and stepped the production game up fiercely.

Johnny Spanish - "What It Do"
[audio:|titles=Johnny Spanish - What It Do]

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October 19th, 2010
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Louisville is back again, what's a guy gotta do to get a authentic Louisville slugger in this bitch?  I've spoke on him before, lyrically not the toughest track I've heard by Spanish but I'm definitely feeling his production by Fresh Prodeuce and his vocals.  Unlike all you Drake knock offs, this is a cat that can actually sing in the game, take notes you autotuning sons of bitches.
Johnny Spanish - "Up In The Clouds"
[audio:|titles=Johnny Spanish - "Up In The Clouds"]

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September 20th, 2010
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The kid from the ville is back at it again with a laid back joint you can roll up to.   I remember the first time we heard Johnny in our music submissions for the show.  I'm sitting at home on the laptop, listening to the approved tracks for upcoming shows and this track "My Way" comes up.  A quirky sounding,  half-diss, singing/rap song that I wasn't sure about it first until I caught myself singing the hook in my head.... repeatedly.  The next day I talk to Major and he says "hey you hear that song by the white kid from Kentucky?  What you think?".  I replied, "I don't know, I can't stop singing that shit..."  Major's reply, "Neither can I."  And ever since Johnny has been releasing track after track of good independent music for your ass (pause and unpause)

Now look at you Johnny, you're comin' right along doin' the damn thing.  Keep going Johnny, we see you, so do a lot of other people.

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December 11th, 2009
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I said it once, and I'll say it again.  This kid is on to something.  All stereotypical comments and cliche's aside, Spanish is bringing a sound that you think might think could be influenced by one artist or another..... but then again, not really at all.  I take great enjoyment out of the fact this kid is doing what he loves and not givin a good got damn what anyone has to say about it.   I'm still bumpin the My Way joint in the whip.

Keep an eye out for this kid and keep supporting that underground music!  Yet another well shot and put together video for the underground.  Nice work.

Music video for Johnny Spanish's new track "Shining" produced by the one and only CHOPS. Entire video was shot in Johnny's hometown of Louisville, Kentucky and Lexington, Ky. Support Louisville music!

DOWNLOAD: Johnny Spanish - "Shining"

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