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June 6th, 2012
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We're seeing something special happen with this kid.  Not only is he putting out some great music, but he's got all the right ingredients to evolve into a pretty incredible artist.  All the ingredients are there.  Raw and undeniable talent, great production, a hard working team, humility and charisma.  A lot have talent, but few have their act together like this dude.   Joey is one in a million, keep your eye out for him.

Shouts to the best film crew on the planet for another great one.


On a Thursday after school, Joey and his Pro-Era crew assembled at Brooklyn’s Dunham Studios — backpacks filled with laptops, laptops filled with loops – to create a new song, from scratch. Within minutes, the beat Chuck Strangers made only the night before sent Joey searching the insides of his eyelids for bars beyond his years. “Daily Routine,” the first in Yours Truly and adidas originals “Songs From Scratch” series, was written right there on the couch in the control room and will be available for free download tomorrow.

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August 3rd, 2010
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Here's a new video for another single off Danny Brown's The Hybrid.    One of my favorite tracks off the album, but the video could use a bit of a quality upgrade.  Then again, D. Brown is known for his gritty ass image, so it kinda fits.

You'd think with Tony Yayo off to the side there, he'd bust off a few g-unit chips to upgrade the video production.  Then again, maybe its all intentional.

Either way, I still support the hell outta this dude.

Spotted @ FWMJ's house

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July 4th, 2010
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Straight from Hollywood, there's no disputing Serious' bars, but where the hell is he?  This dude has been putting out freestyles and dominating battles since something like 2005, but you rarely hear from him.  Shits like a unicorn sighting.

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June 29th, 2010
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Sean Price is still in the building.  I wonder what the story with P is anyway, I thought he was leaving DuckDown.  Was that all rumor or was he just talkin about pillows?

Sean went in on this one, wish it coulda been a complete joint.

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June 23rd, 2010
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Good to see Nigel getting some cake off of Gatorade, hot off the "Because I Grind Tour", they've dropped this mini-series "Nigel Sylvester and Gatorade Go All Day"

You've seen how Nigel Sylvester's day ended; now see how it began. The second video in Nigel's Go All Day series goes back in time to show how the day started like any other day: rise and shine, then out the door to hit up his favorite city spots with friends.

This unique three part video series was conceptualized and written by Nigel and Glenn PP Milligan, with support from Gatorade. Shout out to Nigel's brother Adrian Sylvester, as well as two young NYC riders Ikeem and Jose for their appearances in the video. Music provided by Donnis.

The Afternoon and Night episodes after the jump.... Read the rest of this entry »

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June 4th, 2010
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I’ve been following the IC’s since BODEGA, still one of my favorite doc’s they’ve done to date.  Strapped with what appears to be a new camera, they’ve put together a pretty eye-opening documentary about taxpayer money being spent on stadiums that aren’t putting any of the money back into the economy. Read the rest of this entry »

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May 21st, 2010
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If he were alive, "What Would Big Be Doing?"

What do you think?

Happy Born Day to Notorious B.I.G.

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March 31st, 2010
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Just J.Coles existence probably makes alot of MC's feel self-conscious.  Here's some footage MissInfo copped at Hot97's "Who's Next" show at S.O.B.'s in NYC.  How often have you seen a rapper RUN packed house like this solo with no hype men, no people on the stage, no DJ on stage, no bullshit lights and screens and terrible whack singing.  Completely off the strength of the bars, J.Cole is the next dude up in my opinion.  He's not the next Jay-Z or the next anything, this kid is just the next period.

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November 20th, 2009
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This dude has a massive chunk of hip-hop history that needs to be vieweable by the general public. Namely me.

Join Maestro & his friend Jonathan Mannion as they spend an afternoon at Mannion studios digging through past, present & future works of the seasoned photographer including the likes of Jay-Z, Lauryn Hill, Lil Wayne, Kanye West, Usher, Aaliyah and many others. Plus J. Mannion lets Maestro get a spot on the "Wall Of Fame".

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May 29th, 2009
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Oddisee - Odd Summer
An eight track album courtesy of probably one of my favorite recent producers out of D.C.  7 instrumentals and one with vocals, Oddisee calls this latest album "just easy listening lawn chair music."   And it's exactly that.  I've listened to it completely through 3 times now and it only gets better.

DOWNLOAD: Oddisee - Odd Summer

via PutMeOnIt

We are very excited to present Odd Summer, a (mainly) instrumental EP from Put Me On It family member Oddisee. It features three exclusive tracks - In Your Eyes, Sligo Creek, and That Day (instrumental). The photo in the artwork was taken by Oddisee, of Omdurman (Khartoum, Sudan), where he spent every summer growing up, swimming and fishing in the Nile.

Peep some of Oddisee's previous FREE albums you can download,  A Rosenberg Oddisee and Diamond District - In The Ruff.

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