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June 6th, 2012
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We're seeing something special happen with this kid.  Not only is he putting out some great music, but he's got all the right ingredients to evolve into a pretty incredible artist.  All the ingredients are there.  Raw and undeniable talent, great production, a hard working team, humility and charisma.  A lot have talent, but few have their act together like this dude.   Joey is one in a million, keep your eye out for him.

Shouts to the best film crew on the planet for another great one.


On a Thursday after school, Joey and his Pro-Era crew assembled at Brooklyn’s Dunham Studios — backpacks filled with laptops, laptops filled with loops – to create a new song, from scratch. Within minutes, the beat Chuck Strangers made only the night before sent Joey searching the insides of his eyelids for bars beyond his years. “Daily Routine,” the first in Yours Truly and adidas originals “Songs From Scratch” series, was written right there on the couch in the control room and will be available for free download tomorrow.

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April 2nd, 2012
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This kid is on to something.  Pay attention, it's only a matter of time.  Him and his crew Pro-Era are bringing back some vital elements of the music that are truly missing in these days of production driven sound.  True lyricism, story telling, artistry and creativity.   In recent years, I've taken issue with people who don't truly listen to hip-hop making blanket judgements on the music based on Maybach Music Group visuals and Waka Flaka audibles.   It's groups like Pro-Era, TDE and Cinematic music group that are pulling the music back to where it belongs.  The soul.  Thank you guys.

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