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January 18th, 2011
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Sometimes I think about how much I love how technology has made music so much more accessible and allowed us to hear songs we may have never heard otherwise. It's allowed us to create our show, meet some amazing people and be a part of an amazing era in music history. But on the flip side, I can also see how technology has devalued music as well. When I was a youngster, they used to say how cassettes were going to ruin the music business, when in reality, they actually made fans a lot more rabid for new music. People were recording really bad, static-laden, DJ lead-in covered singles from the radio and we all would listen to them on repeat, even after the tape itself started to suffer from degrading sound. At that point you longed just to own the actual album just so you could get the crystal clear version so bad, you'd save up your allowance for four weeks and mow lawns just to buy the real deal!

After a brief twitter convo, I really got to thinking about how great this would be for a show topic. So look out for it in episode #132 of the HoodHype show and get in on the convo!

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