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May 31st, 2012
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I've been to some independent hip-hop events over the years and experienced quite a few performances.   After your first few,  you start to realize how tough it is for an artist to be heard let alone move a crowd of people who are there to see the headlining act, which a lot of times,  is also independent.

As a fan of the music, it's easy to get burnt out.  Between the rappers devoid of emotion who pace the stage with a blank stare and so-called "artists" who open for label acts but seem to lack any sort of passion, it is very easy to get burnt out and never visit an indie show again. Read the rest of this entry »

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May 24th, 2012
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All too often, I'll see and hear stories about artists who have been in the "business" for a long time and tend stay below the radar.  Sometimes intentionally, sometimes not.  Whichever the case is for The Definition is irrelevant because these guys are easily one of Detroit's best kept secrets.   Made up of a drummer, bass guitarist, a keyboardist, a classically trained electric cellist (yes, thats right) and hard hitter spitter MC front man (Mola1), these guys are known for their crazy shows, that a lot of times,  will outperform the acts they open for....

If you're in the metro-Detroit area, you would be crazy to miss this show at the Crofoot in Pontiac with The Definition, Detroit's Paradime and headliner Action Bronson this Friday (5/25).  Make sure you support that REAL indie hip-hop and buy some tickets to this show!  We'll definitely be in the  house too!


Also, front man MOLA1 will be LIVE on the show with us tonight!

(full show flyer after the jump) Read the rest of this entry »

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