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October 28th, 2009
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Cypher #1: Nicki Minaj, Joe Budden, Buckshot, Crown Royyal

Wow, this is the best thing BET could have done for their awards show.  It actually makes an asshole purist like myself wish I would have watched.   KRS-One, Wale, Nipsey Hussle, Gsan, Mos Def, Black Thought & Eminem after the jump.  They obviously saved the best for last with Mos Def, Black Thoguht & Eminem.

I may be biased for Detroit, but man.... Em KILLT it.

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August 5th, 2009
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Wale & Lindsay Lohan
I don't know who produces Wale's gogo sounding tracks like this but damn if those drums aren't infectious as all get out.  I'm not even gonna lie, that hook is gonna be in my damn head ALL day.

LISTEN: Wale - "Pretty Girls"

BTW, yeah that's Wale being treated as a stripper pole by Lindsay Lohan lol.

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March 17th, 2009
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I don't think NahRight readers hate Wale.  Most people like to talk big shit because they think they are mini-A&R's and sometimes they need a little attention so they lash out.... like a bitch.  Wale is right, those ARE the people who won't be at the clubs, so which also proves Joey's point on not reading the comments.  Most of the time when it's hate, it's a 12 year-old who didn't enough breast milk as a baby.

Quote of the video: "Its a different Cudi if you walk in a Reebok party wearin Jordans"

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December 12th, 2008

Shouts to Jabari at HipHopGame. The kid hustles hard out there.

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December 2nd, 2008

New joint from Wale. I wasn't sure about this track at first, but it's solid, just ain't crazy about that hook.

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