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July 20th, 2010
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Yes.  This shit is 100% official.  This is really happening, your eyes don't decieve that ass.  He deeeed it.

On a related note:  Eli, while on dialysis, announces his mixtape, documentary and that hes not retarded.

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March 12th, 2009
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It's Chi-City Mayne!  We got a chance to catch up with "Mr. $7.65" this past episode 85 last Saturday so you know we had a good time.  Here's how the convo went down (we will post the entire show ASAP, sorry I'm runnin' behind).  Get money, get paid!

Get familiar with Mr. Chi-City, he's a real ass dude.

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March 10th, 2009
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The YouTube phenomenon continues.   I stumbled on Mr. Chi-City a few weeks back and I was hooked on this dude's videos and I'm sure you will too.  Here's the latest episode where Mr. Chi-City took listeners suggestions for ideas to destroy the parking ticket he recieved and later beat the case on.  Sounds meaningless, I know, but just watch the videos and you'll see why dude caught on.   We just talked to him on the HoodHype show last Saturday, so we'll be getting that up soon.  Chi-City Mayne! 

           Mr. Chi-City gets a ticket
           Mr. Chi-City goes to court!

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January 4th, 2009
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I agree with Jay Smooth....a little.  You gotta have beef, and I agree you gotta change it up from time to time.  But damn, just keep it all on wax.  All the best beefs were on wax, but thanks to the internet, like Jay Smooth said, it gets all ruined  with these cheesy youtube videos of rappers turned independent street reporters.

I can only imagine how cheap the Big vs Pac or Jay vs Nas beefs would have been had they been releasing youtube videos back in the day.  You can't "change up" anything on a cheap youtube video.  Sure Joey ended it on a good, intelligent note, but he could have done it in a track.  Then again so could Ransom.

I agree with Jay, as a hip-hop fan, in my opinion I think dudes should change it up with these beefs. But at the same time, I think they should cut out the cheapening effect of youtube videos altogether.  Just don't do it.

Even though it probably won't happen, the Lil Wayne vs 50 beef is keepin' me hooked at the moment.  Why?  Because Weezy has fired shots and hasn't really said a whole lot about it.  50 has made a few comments in interviews but other than that... he keeps us patiently waiting wondering when or if he will retaliate  (although one of our listeners had a good point in Episode 80 as to why 50 wont even beef with Wayne at all).  I'm still interested and the drama hasn't been lost in weak, poorly thought out, annoyingly long youtube videos recorded on a $40 flip cam on some random street involving some random dude nobody knows.

So my opinion?  (at the risk of sounding like a total publicist) Keep it on wax and off youtube and I think it will keep me and alot of others engaged.

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December 2nd, 2008
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I wonder if they accept submissions from people using and MPC or FL Studio.
I wish we could do something like this for independent hip-hop...

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